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Ornament & Crime is the title of a 1910 lecture from Albert Loos attacking the needless ornamentation of utilitarian items thereby putting a stylistic half-life onto them, resulting in the filling of landfills with perfectly good but outdated items. He also spends a bunch of time trying to make the tenuous connection that tattoos on criminals prove his point that lesser intelligent people cant help but cover every single surface of their surroundings and bodies with ornament and these same people are commonly criminals. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ornamentation, previously being a status symbol of only the wealthy and elite, was suddenly made available to everyone by means of machination and the industrial revolution and quickly became a form of visual pollution. The dubstep of 1910 if you will. This paper is seminal in the fields of minimalism, utilitarianism, and anyone who argues function over form.

That puts me in a bit of a bind because needless ornamentation is kinda my thing.  I decided to go two routes. The first, true to the concept, features plain stark minimalism in either raw panel, black mirror polish with or without labels, white mirror polish with or without labels. The other is the 'crime of the century' breaking the rules in an over the top ludicrous way with ornament on ornament, which would cause Albert Loos to roll over in his grave, but as I see it eurorack suffers for its strict utilitarianism and could use a little ornament.

Bear in mind: this modules function changes depending on the mode you are working in and labels are small and not very informative anyways.

PCBs are being sold by permission of mxmxmx and we will be sending a portion of the proceeds quarterly to the team in hopes of continued development on such amazing open source modules.